Property buying process is filled with complexities that deter many prospective buyers from investing their valuable money. We, as a trusted friend, help in finding the right property with our team of Property Management experts. After the buy property is identified we assist in the execution of purchase through our documentation and verification services. These services ensure a seamless buying process from start to the end of the process, easing the user’s effort to buy.

Our property listings to buy properties include options such as villas, apartments, plots/lands, individual houses and commercial properties in Hyderabad. Recently, suburban properties boasting great lifestyles have been added to our property listings. If our listings do not meet your Buy Property requirements, a dedicated consultant who has expert knowledge of property market will be assigned to help in identifying the property matching your needs.

Documentation and Verification Services to buy any property:


  • Visit the property enough times to assess and then arrange visits for the buyer
  • Negotiate the price if the buyer decided to buy the property
  • Check the previous and current Title Deeds
  • Get or review the property records like Encumbrance certificate from the Sub-Registrar’s office
  • Get or review the property records from the society
  • Get and review tax receipt and bills
  • Issue public notice in the newspapers calling for claims of the potential buying property
  • Ensure the property is not pledged nor does not have any liens
  • Scrutinize the power of attorney if the property involves it
  • Inspect the property to ensure it’s built with sanctioned plans
  • Obtain a no objection certificate and no dues letter from the society if the property belongs to a society
  • Verify permitted use and restrictions as per government regulations


  • Ensure the sale document is properly stamped and registered
  • Get the original title deeds (link documents) from the seller
  • Review documents for missing entries, inadvertently misspelled or wrongly numbered data
  • Put all documentation in place for registration
  • Take pictures of the property and ensure those are fixes in the new title deed at the time of registration
  • Survey of lands, if the property is land, by both private and government bodies to get the right measure
  • Secure the latest mutation document from the seller, when the property is land

Post purchase/Registration

  • Change the name in the property tax records
  • Get the registration documents from the registration office
  • Obtain the new mutation on the buyer
  • Secure the property, if land, with a fence and notice